How can we help you sell more?

Fight abandoned carts by connecting your store and Facebook page to StoreSpot. This only takes 5 minutes of your time, and saves you many more by launching effective remarketing campaigns for you.

Your online advertising's co-pilot

Automated Remarketing Campaigns

StoreSpot finds out who visited your online store, but left before they could buy anything. We present them their products of interests again on Facebook and Instagram and help you sell more.

Save time and focus on your store, we'll handle your ads
Start selling more with effective retargeting campaigns
No need to configure WooCommerce or Facebook for advertising. We'll handle your marketing setup

Stay in Control of your Business

Automation does not mean that you are not in control of your ads. StoreSpot sends you detailed reports on every campaign and its effectiveness. You can start and end campaigns at any time.

Works with your WooCommerce Store

StoreSpot is being developed for WooCommerce at first. Anyone with a WooCommerce store can start automating their retargeting campaigns in just a few minutes.

A platform built by marketing experts

Our product is built by online marketing experts. StoreSpot bundles effective advertising techniques into an easy to use platform, even for non-marketeers.

Request early access

We are working hard to make our product available for every online WooCommerce store. If you can't wait to see what StoreSpot can do for you, you can request early access! A selected group of store owners is already running successful ad campaigns through our platform. Are you next?